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Here you will find destinations from Europe. Including informative travel guides, places to see, tips when visiting, budgeting hacks, and things to do.


Greece travel guide

Greece is a well-known vacation destination in Europe. A country where guaranteed sunny days and warm weather attract visitors from all over the world. But it isn’t just beach holiday destinations, there are plenty of things to do for hikers, history enthusiast, water sports, and many other adventure activities.


Italy is a world-famous country with exceptional history, beautiful seaside towns, delicious cuisine, and popular cities. Here you will find travel guides, places to see, and budgeting tips.

italy travel guide


hungary travel guide

Hungary is known mostly by its capital Budapest. But there are so many unique places to see around the historic country. There are well-preserved cultures and traditions, like thermal spas, wine-producing traditions, and many more.


Slovenia is a small country, squeezed between big nations. It has been hidden gems in Europe for some time, but year after year it gains more popularity. Due to its magical nature with high peaks, crystal clear lakes and rivers, waterfalls, and unique underground caves.

slovenia travel guide



Slovakia it’s a typical eastern European country. A lot of Soviet Union architecture, bizarre country life, and some fun traditions. However, there are still several beautiful medieval towns, magnificent landmarks, and the Tatra Mountain range. Loads of magnificent hiking opportunities.


Austria has a variety of things to see and admire. Starting with one of the well-maintained city architecture in the capital Vienna to picturesque countryside. Including the Alps mountain range, charming villages, ski resorts, and many hiking and trekking trails.


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