Naples travel guide

Backpacking Naples Travel Guide, Italy [2021]

Naples has a unique atmosphere, mouth-watering local cuisine, and it’s located in perfect location to explore close-by famous sights.

Backpacking in Italy

Backpacking Italy on a Budget with 18 euros Per Day

Italy is one of the most expensive countries in Europe to travel. However cheap travel is possible everywhere when knowing local budgeting tips.


Castelmezzano, Italy : A Guide to Italian Mountain Village

Castelmezzano is a pearl in Basilicata. Walk around medieaval village, hike around Dolomiti Lucane and fly with high speed zip line Volo Dell’Angelo.

Hiking in Cinque Terre

Hiking in Cinque Terre : Blue and High Trail [+Maps]

Hiking in Cinque Terre is the most popular activity in that area. From hiking guide you will find trail maps and tips to hike on High and Blue Trails.

Cinque Terre Travel Guide

Cinque Terre Travel Guide, Italy: Things to do [2021]

Cinque Terre is located in northwest Italy. These five villages are popular due to colorful fisherman cottages, beautiful coastal landscape and hike trails.

Unpopular villages in Italy

12 Unpopular Beautiful Villages In Italy You Haven’t Seen Yet

These are some unpopular villages in Italy, that are worth visiting. This country is a perfect place to explore variety of beautiful picturesque small towns.


backpacking hungary travel guide

Backpacking Hungary Travel Guide: Things To Do, Daily Budget [2021]

Hungary main keywords are the capital Budapest, magnificent Balaton Lake, loads of thermal spas, vineyards, and unique agriculture.

Budapest travel guide

A Long Weekend in Budapest Travel Guide [2021]

A weekend in Budapest flows really fast. It’s a perfect place to have a long weekend. Walk along the Danube, hike to Liberty Statue, or have fun in ruin pubs!

Lake Balaton guide

Lake Balaton : How to Spend a Perfect Week in Hungary?

Lake Balaton is known as a summer vacation hotspot in Hungary. There are several small villages, hike trails, Baknoy mountains, parties, and vineyards.


Places to visit in Slovenia

Day Trips from Ljubljana : 15 Beautiful Places in Slovenia

Slovenia has a bit of everything. Beautiful capital, high mountains, waterfalls, magical lakes, historical landmarks, and just a bit of seaside.

One Day in Ljubljana

One Day in Ljubljana : 15 Things to do and see

Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia is one of the smallest in Europe. However that city is blessed with beautiful old town, amazing coffee culture, and mountains.

backpacking in Slovenia

Slovenia and mountains: Backpacking in Europe (w 5)

Last week I added a new member to my countries list – Slovenia. After a long period of backpacking Hungary, especially in Budapest and around Lake Balaton, I decided that the best option would be Sl…