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Planning a trip to Italy? Start with Italy Travel Guide.

  • Things to Do & See
  • Travel Costs & Daily Budget
  • How to Get Around
  • Where to Stay on a Budget
  • About Authentic Cuisine & Drinks
  • Budgeting Travel Tips
  • Learning Local Italian Phrases
  • Additional Resources & Tips
italy travel guide

Destinations guides in Italy

Naples travel guide

NAPLES – Travel Guide

Naples is the capital of authentic Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, lasagne are just few of many. City itself is full of history with a bit of mystery. READ MORE!

Cinque Terre Travel Guide

CINQUE TERRE – Travel Guide

Cinque Terre area is filled with five colorful villages, blessed with scenic landscape views, hike trails, and with history of unique culture. READ MORE!



Castelmezzano is a hidden gem in south Italy. Admire one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and tame your adrenaline with high speed zip line. READ MORE!

More about Italy

italy on a budget


Italy is one of the most expensive countries. Still traveling around Italy on a budget is possible when knowing money saving tips. READ MORE!

Hiking in Cinque Terre


Hiking is the most popular activity in Cinque Terre area. From hiking guide you will find trail maps and tips to hike on both High and Blue Trails. READ MORE!

Unpopular villages in Italy


Italy is filled with several places and some of these are lesser known than big cities and lanmarks. Fill your Italy bucket list with new places. READ MORE!

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italy travel guide
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Naples travel guide
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italy on a budget
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Hiking in Cinque Terre
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Unpopular villages in Italy
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