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Welcome to Albania, where beautiful mountains meet clear sea waters. Step into a place full of fascinating history and lovely beaches that’s still Europe’s best-kept secret.

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Things to do and see in Albania

Albania is a very diverse country with many things to see and do. There you can:

  • Discover ancient history through centuries-old ruins and UNESCO-listed archaeological sites.
  • Relax on stunning yet uncrowded, Mediterranean beaches.
  • Sample delicious local cuisine, including fresh seafood and unique regional specialties.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of unspoiled nature, including beautiful lakes, national parks, and big mountains.
  • Learn about the country’s unique history.

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Transport to and in Albania

The easiest way to get to Albania is by plane. Find flights to these airports:

  • Tirana International Airport – The main airport in Albania, and you will probably have the best luck finding flights there.
  • Corfu International Airport – An airport on a Greek island located right next to the tip of south Albania.
  • Skopje International Airport – An airport in the capital of a neighboring country, Macedonia.

Transport inside the country. Three main ways:

  • Bus – It’s the cheapest and most convenient way to travel around this country. The main places are well-covered, but ask the locals about the small route schedules if you want to go more off-grid.
  • Rent a car – The best way to see all the corners of Albania. Find your wheels from Discover Cars.
  • Hitchhiking – If you want adventures, then it’s the option for you. Albania is one of the easiest countries to hitchhike.

Where to stay in Albania

3 things to know before heading to Albania

  1. The official currency in Albania is the Lek (ALL). While credit and debit cards are accepted in many places, especially in the cities, it’s always good to carry some local currency, particularly for smaller establishments or rural areas. Cash is king in this country.
  2. The official language is Albanian. English is increasingly spoken, mainly by younger people and in tourist areas, but it can still be useful to learn a few basic phrases in Albanian.
  3. Albania has good mobile coverage, and free Wi-Fi can be found in many public places, cafes, and hotels. Consider getting a local SIM card if you plan to use data extensively.