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italy travel guide
Backpacking Italy Travel Guide: Things to do, Costs, Budget [2021]

Countless cities with history, coastal towns for vacations, unique places like Venice, exceptional Italian cuisine, and the Alps for hikers and skiers.

slovenia travel guide
Backpacking Slovenia Travel Guide: Things to Do, Costs, Budget [2021]

In Slovenia is no shortage of crystal clear lakes and rivers, high peaks, waterfalls, and unique underground cave systems. Including beautiful cities and the seaside.

Naples travel guide
Backpacking Naples Travel Guide, Italy [2021]

Naples has a unique atmosphere, mouth-watering local cuisine, and it’s located in perfect location to explore close-by famous sights.

hungary travel guide
Backpacking Hungary Travel Guide: Things To Do, Costs, Budget [2021]

Hungary main keywords are the capital Budapest, magnificent Balaton Lake, loads of thermal spas, vineyards, and unique agriculture.

A guide to wild camping
A Guide To Wild Camping For Beginners [+Checklist]

From the beginnner’s guide you’ll find everything you need to know like how to plan it, where to go, some tips & tricks and how to save a planet.