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Places to visit in Slovenia

Day Trips from Ljubljana: 15 Beautiful Places in Slovenia

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Slovenia’s capital is located in such a convenient place. From there, you have so many options to go in either direction to explore the country. The capital, Ljubljana isn’t the most desired destination, but it’s more visited due to the outdoors because nature in Slovenia is unique and extremely beautiful.

Within one hour from the capital, it’s possible to see waterfalls, mountains, crystal clear lakes, rivers, and the seaside. It is a small country, but there are so many things to do in Slovenia. Let’s find out some ideas on where to plan your day trips from Ljubljana.

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Bled is one of the most popular and visited places in Slovenia. It’s 54 km from the capital and takes around an hour. Some people know Slovenia by the picturesque lake and have it on their bucket list. Because it looks magical in the pictures, but even more spectacular when seeing it with your own eyes.

1. Lake Bled

Lake Bled. Day trips from Ljubljana.
Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a popular place for a day trip from Ljubljana. It’s quoted as one of the most magical spots in the World on many lists. What makes it so special? Starting with the lake itself. Crystal clear and greenish water. Over there it’s prohibited to drive with motorboats. Picturesque surroundings by Julian Alps mountains and in the middle of the lake Bled, there is an island. You understand why it’s such a praised spot when walking around the lake.

Things to do in Bled?

Take a little hike to see Lake Bled from above. The most famous viewpoint of Lake Bled is Ojstrica. From there, you have panoramic views of the lake, island, and surrounding mountains. The best time to go there is right before sunrise.

Visit Bled Island with a wooden boat ride pletna. One of the top attractions in Bled. Island has a couple of buildings, but the most prominent one is a 52-meter tall Lake Bled Church of the Assumption.

Visit Lake Bled Castle. It’s located on the hill, 130 meters above the lake, right next to Lake Bled. It´s the oldest castle in Slovenia, which has been there for over a thousand years.

Have a dip in Lake Bled. Swimming in Lake Bled isn’t the warmest thing to do, but it’s so lovely to swim in that cooling and clear water.

Lake Bled is the main place to visit when planning a day trip from Ljubljana.

2. Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is near Lake Bled and can be connected on a day trip from Ljubljana to see Bled. It’s about 5 km from centrum. A 1.6 km long walking trail winds along the mountain river, and the entrance fee is 10 euros for adults. Relaxing walk next to the gorge where you will see a crystal clear mountain river, some more minor falls, and at the end of the trail, Waterfall Šum. It’s a one-way trail, and unfortunately, it’s impossible to return to the same route. There goes another trail to the starting point surpassing the beautiful village. Another option is public transport to return to the starting point or Bled.


Bohinj is another place with a beautiful lake and picturesque surrounding nature. It’s also known as Bohinj Valley, the starting point for many hikes and trekking trails. It is a dream spot for adventurous travelers. It’s about 80 km to make a day trip from Ljubljana to Bohinj. A road from the capital to Bohinj surpasses Bled, so it would be ideal to connect these two hot spots in a day.

3. Lake Bohinj

Bohinj valley
Lake Bohinj

Largest natural lake in Slovenia. Lake Bohinj is 526 meters above sea level, and like Lake Bled, it’s crystal clear due to mountain rivers and Karst springs. Surrounded by almost 360 degrees by the Julian Alps. What to do in Bohinj? Swimming, kayaking, boat trips or diving in the lake, and hiking in the Julian Alps mountains.

4. Savica waterfall

Savica waterfall
Savica waterfall

Slovenia is blessed by surprise with several waterfalls, and Savica is one of the country’s most visited nature destinations. It’s on the other side of Bohinj Lake, near Ukanc. The magnificent A-shaped waterfall is 78 meters high and will be reached from the hiking trail. The Savica waterfall hike trail starts from Koča pri Savici hut and takes about 30 minutes one way. Keep in mind that there is also a small entrance fee.

5. Seven Lakes Valley

Seven Lakes Valley
Seven Lakes Valley

As mentioned, like the Seven Lakes Valley, Bohinj Valley is one of the best places to hike in Slovenia. The track also starts from Koča pri Savici hut without any entrance fee. It takes about 3-4 hours to reach the starting hut. The first part of the trail is steep and a bit challenging, but nothing dangerous. After a two-hour hike, you will see Black Lake (Črno jezero), which stands 1200 meters above sea level.

Continuing the hike for one to two hours on a much less challenging track to reach another lake area called Seven Lakes Triglav. These lakes are 1700 meters above sea level. It’s also a valley with surrounding mountains. Filling your belly with warm food and drinks in Triglav Lakes hut is possible. You can also continue trekking along marked trails to other huts. Hiking in Triglav National Park is a must for the best day trips.


The Triglav area is something for real mountain lovers. There are many hiking trails around giant mountains in the Slovenian Julian Alps. Also, there is no shortage of waterfalls, mountain rivers, and spectacular landscape views. Mojstrana, the starting point to either Pericnik Waterfall or Triglav is about 72 km away as a day trip from Ljubljana.

6. Peričnik Waterfall

Pericnik waterfall
Peričnik Waterfall

Peričnik Waterfall is one of Slovenia’s biggest waterfalls by volume with a 52-meter downfall. It’s reachable from Mojstrana village where the one-way road takes to the mountains and on the way is also Peričnik Waterfall. It’s a relatively small hike from the road and hut to the first waterfall, about 10 minutes. The waterfall is unique due to the ability to walk behind it. Also when climbing up from the trails, there will be another smaller waterfall with a height of 16 meters. It’s also possible to walk behind a smaller waterfall. As Slap Pericnik is a unique waterfall, I would highly consider it when planning a day trip from Ljubljana.

7. Triglav and surrounding mountains

Triglav and surrounding mountains

The Slovenia Triglav area is mountainous, with several peaks to conquer. The higest peak in Slovenia is Mount Triglav (2864 m). There is a saying in the country that to become a real Slovenian, you must conquer Triglav at least once in your lifetime.

When not being an expert in mountain climbing, it’s better to have someone who has done that already. Because it’s not an easy walk to the top. Climbing to Triglav takes the whole day. Of course, there are several and more accessible options, no need to conquer the highest mountain if not being a hiking enthusiast.


Kranjska Gora is the central place to keep in mind when wanting to have ski holidays in Slovenia. Because it’s a mountainous area with many ski resorts, also, both Italy and Austria borders are just some kilometers apart. A day trip from Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora takes about 85 km.

8. Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora
Kranjska Gora

As mentioned, Kranjska Gora is more known as a winter sports town. But it’s a place in Slovenia to visit all year round. It’s a small mountain village with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and fresh mountain air. Around that, there are many places to see and activities to do. A great place to see a different life in Slovenia. It’s a bit touristy, but a friendly vibe around the small town.

9. Lake Jasna

Lake Jasna
Lake Jasna

Lake Jasna is right next to the Kranjska Gora, just 2 km away. It is a great place to walk around, enjoy the views of the Julian Alps or swim in that crystal clear lake. A symbolic statue is next to the lake, Zlatorog (golden horn). A legendary chamois is there as a guard of Lake Jasna. A place to take a picture with, for the memories from Lake Jasna.

10. Martuljek Falls

Martuljek Falls

Again, there is no shortage of magnificent waterfalls in Slovenia. Just 5 km away from Kranjska Gora with a trail to waterfalls. Initially, there is a hiking track, which winds along a clear Martuljek river with mountains on each side. A scenic walk reaches the Brunarica Pri Ingotu hut, with several trail options to continue the hike. One of them is a hike to Martuljek Falls. It’s an average stroll and will be done by every level of hiker. A beautiful Martuljek Fall and views of the valley, which is more pleasing. The hike in total, takes about 2 hours.


Planica is just 8 km away from Kranjska Gora. When Kranjska Gora is a place for winter sports, Planica is an even more special place in Slovenian past, present, and future. When doing Ljubljana day trips, Planica is 92 km from the capital.

11. Planica


Planica is a place where new superstars in ski jumping are born. There are several sky jumping platforms and even in 1933, there were the biggest jumping hills in the World. The first-ever sky jump over 100 meters in 1936 was also done there. There is training for ski jumping all over the year, even in summer. The highest ski flying hill is closed for training during the off-season (when there is no snow), but there is a zip line for adventurous visitors.

12. Zelenci Nature Reserve

Zelenci Nature Reserve

Between Planica and Kranjska Gora is Zelenci Nature Reserve. A quick walk to Zelenci starts from Parkirišče. It’s famous for its emerald-green Zelenci lake. The name comes from the lake color. Zelen in Slovenian means green. Another fun fact about the lake is that the water temperature stays constant all year, around 6 degrees. A magical place to make a quick stop when planning day trips from Ljubljana.


Predjama is known for its unique historical castle and more spectacular nearby caves. It’s about 63 km from the capital and should be considered when planning Slovenia day trips.

13. Predjama Castle

Predjama castle
Predjama Castle

Even when not a fan of castles or history, Predjama Castle should be visited when wandering around the countryside. It’s not a random medieval castle, but it’s the World’s biggest castle in a cave. A unique cave castle was built over 800 years ago and under the castle lies several secret tunnels, which are connected with Postojna caves. One of the largest underground caves is 9 km away from the castle. These defending abilities back in the day were on the highest levels.

14. Postojna Caves

As already mentioned, another remarkable spot in that country is just 9 km away from Predjama Castle. 24 km long karst cave system, the world’s first railway in an underground cave, home for rare olms and astonishing cave formations. Postojna Cave is indeed another wonder in Slovenia. One of the hotspots in Slovenia to do Ljubljana day trips.


Slovenia covers only 46 km of Adriatic coastline and it’s the only place for a sea in that small country. Next to the Adriatic Sea are several small towns and the biggest port Koper. From there it’s possible to get that Mediterranean seaside feeling with the only Slovenia beaches.

15. Piran


As mentioned, a small coastline has been used well with several towns, and Piran is the pearl of that area. It’s about 120 km from the capital but a place to spend a day trip from Ljubljana. The town of Piran is a great place to just relax, doing day tours around the old town, seeking Piran’s red-bricked roofs from the viewpoint, or having some cocktails next to the sea. When being around there, if you have time, it’s worth visiting other Slovenia coastal towns like Koper and Izola.


It seems that Slovenia has a bit of everything. Beautiful capital, high mountains, waterfalls, magical lakes, historical landmarks, and just a bit of seaside. Many beautiful places in Slovenia. Doesn’t matter when going there with family, spouse, friends, or alone. Something will be found on day trips from Ljubljana for every traveler’s needs. Pack your bags and visit Slovenia, one of the best-hidden gems in Europe.


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