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The North Face Wawona 6P

The North Face Wawona 6P tent, updated to a double-wall construction, offers enhanced durability and simplified setup with its color-coded poles and DAC MX pole set. The tent features a spacious design, including a large vestibule and significant interior height for added comfort. Internal and ceiling pockets provide organized storage, while the water-resistant fabric and external guylines are designed for weather resilience.

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The North Face Wawona 6P Tent – KEY FEATURES

  • Double-Wall Construction: Enhanced durability and insulation.
  • Spacious Design: Large vestibule and significant interior height for comfort.
  • Easy Setup: Color-coded poles and DAC MX pole set for straightforward assembly.
  • Storage Solutions: Internal and ceiling pockets for organized storage of essentials.
  • Weather Resilience: Water-resistant fabric with external guylines for added stability.
  • Ventilation: A large mesh front door ensures superior airflow.
  • Eco-Conscious: Made without flame-retardant coatings.
  • Weight & Dimensions: Weigh 20 lbs 15 oz with a floor area of 86.11 square feet.

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