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Dubai on the Budget: 5 Must-Know Secrets for Affordable Travel

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There’s a common misconception about Dubai, with its luxury resorts, gourmet restaurants, and designer boutiques: that budget travel to Dubai is out of the question. Although it may seem so at first glance, it is not true. In Dubai, you can relax economically and visit unique and beautiful places; in some places, you won’t even have to pay anything. Today, we collected some tips for saving money in Dubai and relaxing comfortably.

1. Transport

The first thing that comes to mind about Dubai is luxury cars, Lamborghini, Ferraris, Audis, and many others. The exciting thing is that you can rent these cars cheaply. This is very suitable for those who like to be accessible from city transport and visit places where tourist buses do not go.

There will be hundreds of car models to choose from for rent, so Audi lovers can easily find Audi Rental in Dubai to drive the car they dreamed of. Renting a car will be much more profitable when traveling in a group, and the cost will be less when renting for an extended period.

2. Holidays in the low season

fun things to do in Dubai

The most comfortable months for a holiday in the United Arab Emirates is October-November and March-April. It is not too hot and cold, so you can swim without suffering from the heat. True, prices for hotels and tours rise to the maximum.

If you want to save money, come on holiday to Dubai in winter: the air temperature is comfortable +24°C, but the water is cool – only +20°C. Winter is ideal for excursions and shopping, and you can also swim in the pool. It’s better to avoid Emirates in the summer, because the heat is over +50°C.

3. Buy groceries in supermarkets and get acquainted with street food

Spending a couple of evenings having dinner at a nice restaurant is not a bad idea. But other days, it’s quite possible to get by with chain store cooking. Be sure to try the local street food: falafel and kebabs will not disappoint you. By the way, buying fruits and vegetables in the UAE at markets is not profitable. The soil in the Emirates is practically unsuitable for farming, so most of the fruits are imported into the country. Stores that buy fruits and vegetables in bulk can offer better prices than private sellers at bazaars.

You can get acquainted with national cuisine in small cafes. You can move between them in rented cars, saving you time and allowing you to choose cafes throughout the city, and not near your hotel. The prices there are not as high as in restaurants.

4. Entertainment discounts

destinations to visit - Dubai New Year’s Eve

On the official websites of theme parks and water parks, as well as the main attractions of the country, there are often promotions and various offers – you can get a very good discount;

Free entertainment. In the Emirates, tourists relax on the beaches (there are free city beaches) and enjoy strolling along the embankments.

5. Coupons

There are sites with hundreds and even thousands of coupons. Restaurants, beauty salons, excursions, and amusement parks offer various promotions and discounts.

There is also an application called The ENTERTAINER, which costs $100 – $135, but according to many travelers, it pays for itself very quickly – the service provides many discounts in Dubai. Discounts are presented as “2 for the price of one” – for one ticket, you will have to pay in full, and the second will be free. The service is especially convenient for those traveling with friends or family.


These five tips will allow you to save money on your vacation in Dubai. Of course, you can find even more ways for yourself, and it’s just a matter of imagination and preparation before the trip. Dubai is a fantastic city, and trips by rental cars, entertainment for every taste, and varied cuisine will make your vacation unforgettable.

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