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wild camping essentials
Wild Camping Essentials: Lightweight Equipment for Camping

Going on an adventure with no distractions, walking around the lively nature, and overall taking some time off. Everything feels perfect and now you are searching for a place to pitch up a wild camp. …

lightweight backpacking gear for travel
Lightweight Backpacking Gear List: How to Choose Gear for Traveling

There is a saying: “He who would travel happily must travel light”.  A saying that comes more accurate when planning a backpacking trip. There is no possibility to bring the whole wardrobe, only …

A guide to wild camping
A Guide To Wild Camping For Beginners [+Checklist]

From the beginnner’s guide you’ll find everything you need to know like how to plan it, where to go, some tips & tricks and how to save a planet.

solo backpacking
Solo Backpacking Trip To Europe: 12 Simple Tips for Beginners

Traveling to Europe alone for the first time. What to expect? How to plan my first solo backpacking trip? Here are some tips for solo travel.

benefits of solo travel
12 Benefits Of Solo Travel That Change Your Life

Is it weird to travel solo or is it going to be a life-changing experience? In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest experiences in life.

Hitchhiking in Europe
Hitchhiking in Europe: 21 Simple Tips To Hitch A Ride

Everybody knows what hitchhiking in Europe means, but many haven’t tried to hitch a ride. Here is a hitchhiking guide with tips when traveling across Europe.

Budget Backpacking in Europe
Budget Backpacking Trip to Europe: 32 Tips To Travel Cheap

Doesn’t matter where to travel around the Europe. Just have to keep an eye on travel costs and on average daily budget in three main areas.

How to Plan a backpacking trip
Planning a Backpacking Trip to Europe for the First Time

Some things are wise to deal with at home while planning a backpacking trip to Europe. This is a guide for every backpacking trip.

Backpacking solo in Europe
Backpacking Europe Alone: My First Solo Travel Experience

Backpacking Europe alone for the first time. Going away for a while can be life changing experience. I wrote down my mistakes, experiences, and thoughts.