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Going on an adventure

Backpacking: Going on an Adventure

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Beginning of each year we set goals for the upcoming year. 

Six months have passed and I have done pretty well in terms of achieving goals. 

  • I got eye surgery – No need to look for the glasses in the morning!
  • I left my 9-5 job in the engineering field. 
  • Took a gap year from school.
  • Started with investing. Not with a big money, but still something.
  • Read more books than ever before. Already broke my previous year’s record with the half of the year.

Backpacking on my mind

At the beginning of the year, my actual plan was to start with travelling at the beginning of June, but the pandemic happened… Currently, there is still uncertainty about what will happen the next day, week, month or so on. Nobody knows. But I can’t wait, I have been waiting for this moment too long. It’s time to go.

Where to start?

Going on an solo backpacking adventure for the first time. To be honest I also have uncertainty: What to take with me? How long I am going to travel? Where I can sleep? What if I ran out of money? How can I use transportation? Damn, it doesn’t sound easy.

So about two weeks before my flight I put my focus on these questions. I watched some videos, read some blogs and articles about budget backpacking. Luckily my hopes were raised when I started to research different things. Mostly there is information about that it’s not an impossible task; you are going to love it; fun times ahead etc. I didn’t saw any articles on topics like “don’t go backpacking you will regret it.” Yeah, what to say… the excitement is even bigger now.

I found so many great tips about budget traveling. How to find cheap or even free accommodation and transport? How to lower your expenses, when it comes to food. Finally, how to make a living. To my surprise, there are tons of opportunities to fund your travel expenses or even more (it takes some hard work in every field). I can’t tell, what tips are going to work yet.

I´ll keep you updated when I’m on the road with my weekly travel posts.

But I can tell you what I’m going to bring with me and you can read it HERE

Am I going to be okay on that trip?

With a packed backpack, I already visualize that it’s going to be fun, everything goes super well and it feels good all time. It’s a nice dream, but I have experienced these kinds of situations before – when everything isn’t going the way I planned or visualized. There will be days when I don’t feel excitement or comfort or I´m even stressed about uncertainty. I can’t be sure that each night I have a comfy place to sleep, or I feel some hunger, or I run out of money. Not to mention… getting robbed. But in the end, it was my choice… I’m okay with it!

Simple points why I decided to go

After all these uncertain or uncomfortable things, why did I (with a sober mind), decided to go on an adventure without a certain plan (I must be crazy)? But I think I will find many benefits of solo travel.

  • First of all – taking actions that are out of your comfort zone, makes your life even more memorable. It will for sure!
  • I wanted to have a change in my life – so yeah I had to change my lifestyle. Why exactly go backpacking, when there are other options to make a change? But why not?! I´ve always wanted to go on an adventure and discover new places. Two goals with one action. Boom!
  • Broaden my sightseeing – to see different cultures, people… how they live, how they see the world and also to see places with my own eyes, not only from the screen.
  • Meet with new people – learning their language and expand my worldwide network and also have fun times with them.
  • Being more welcoming to challenges and to feeling free – my goal is to take total control over my time and earnings. These kinds of situations make you think differently and open your mind to new ideas. 

is there any need for a certain plan?

My plan started with an idea to go on an adventure, pack my bag, and book a one-way flight somewhere in Europe. After that, I don’t have any plans where to go or how to go. Let’s just see where the winds are taking me. What a genius plan! I might go away for months, years, or even forever… I don’t even know that. So yeah I started with a simple plan and with a bit of courage, let’s see where it takes me. 

Follow me on Social media

During the trip, I’m going to feed you with weekly blog posts and also I’m active on Instagram and Twitter. Stay tuned and join me on this adventure.

Thank you for the all support from the close ones and I’m assured that I am responsible for this choice whatever should happen. It will be alright, but still, with 0,0001% or even fewer chances, I’m alerted.

I made my choice and I am already proud of it! 

Stay tuned!


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