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backpacking essentials

Backpacking Essentials for First Adventure

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It’s time to go solo backpacking. You feel excited. You already visualize how you are hiking in the mountains. 

But… when you are not sure about your returning date then you don’t want to take a whole wardrobe with you. It can be hard to choose between your favorite clothes.

It’s way easier when you have a return date, because then you have this one big suitcase where everything fits for a week abroad. Usually in the end we realized that we didn’t need half of the things (classic).

Actually, it’s even easier when you have to pack all the things in one backpack. Backpacking legends say:

Take as few and as much you need with you. 

At first, I will write a list of things that you need with you, and then you have a chance to visualize how to fit everything. 

Then it’s time to cross off things that would collect dust or that you just don’t use so often (or at all). 

With backpacking, you realize that we actually can live with things that only fit in a ONE backpack. It’s totally different from your everyday lifestyle, but it’s possible. 

Let’s start!

So what did I take with me?

  • I didn’t have any backpack, so I had to buy one. Because it will be stuck on my back for long hours every single day, it’s good to have a quality bag. Better invest some money on that. I’m using the Thule backpack. The best way to find what fits for you is to go to the store and try them on. You need to feel comfortable wearing it. 
  • Also, I bought a sleeping bag and a mattress. As minimized versions as possible. Small research and finally, I found those! I wanted everything to fit in my backpack. Didn’t take a tent with me, but I did take a bivy with me and that’s okay too.
  • The next things that are taking up the most space are clothes (obviously). I’m heading to warmer countries, so I took mostly lightwear. How many clothes? I can live with them for about a week.

My Whole Backpack Looks Like This

  1. About 7 t-shirts – for travelling and sports activities. Two hoodies and one lightweight jacket.
  2. 2 pairs of travelling shorts – one sports shorts, one long sleeve pants and swimming speedos.
  3. 7 pairs of underwear and socks – also one gear of sports underwear and socks.
  4. 2 pairs of sports shoes and flip flops.
  5. Cap and sunglasses
  6. Laptop and phone – cheap ones (pointless to steal those)
  7. GoPro – For videos, also cheap.
  8. Multifunctional charger – every country has different holes;)
  9. Some tools for eating – Spoon and bowl.
  10. Swiss knife – might be helpful.
  11. Hygiene tools – showering gel for body and hair. Shaving tools. Tooth cleaning tools. Deodorant and towel.
  12. Booklet and pen – to write down my travelling stories.
  13. Medpack – patches, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, face mask.
  14. A book in English – if I had read it through, then I can exchange (getting little smarter)

Did these all fit in one backpack?

Yup, and I even have room for unexpected things like food. Even when you have limited space and you feel good that you fitted everything inside with 100% capacity. Then I have only one setback for you. You still need room for unknown things and essentials, like I mentioned things like food and water. Not to mention that you have a much lighter backpack when you take fewer and lighter things with you. Walking with backpack hour versus the whole day makes a huge difference. 

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Pack your bag correctly and enjoy your trip!

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Backpacking essentials

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