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workaway in Hungary

Workaway in Hungary Countryside: Backpacking in Europe (w 4)

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After having a long weekend in Budapest and wandering around the Lake Balaton I tried something new. I used a Workaway in Hungary countryside.

This week I wasn’t backpacking around Hungary, didn’t do any wild camping or hitchhiked, oh no. But wait, what? Yes, last week I stayed in one place with a family of five and did some work for a bed and food.

While I was planning a backpacking trip, I found that there are different options to do something to make a living or just make your life a bit more exciting while you travel. One option is to do Workaway in Hungary countryside. 

Countryside around Zalaszanto
Countryside around Zalaszanto


It’s a place where you do some work (usually 5 hours per day in a 5-day workweek) and for that, you can have a comfy bed and delicious food from hosters. Doesn’t sound like a dreamland, but it´s a wonderful experience. You still have lots of free time to see around, you can experience actual local life, practice local language, learn a new skill and many more.

What work you have to do? 

Depends on what you choose, but usually different farms are looking for extra hands in seasonal works. In short – different jobs that you can do in the countryside. Easy and simple way how to make your adventures different and experience new things. 

Where did I go?

I sent lots of requests out to get someplace to stay and somewhere where I can see local life with my eye. I was lucky that Edina responded to me quickly and was down to my last-minute request. This way I started my week in the countryside near Balaton with a family of five. Heads of the property were Edina and Ronald and their little troublemakers Amos, Tommy and, Rosie.

Just to let you know Workaway in Hungary isn’t the only option, you can choose your Workaway hosts from all over the World.

workaway in Hungary countryside
My Workaway family’s garden in Zalaszanto

About the property

They bought the property about 2 years ago with lots of work awaiting. They have a garden with different plants (so many that I cannot remember what they all had), 12 ducks to eliminate slugs, 2 guard dogs Cuki & Zsömi, and cats. There is still a lot of work to do and that’s why I went there.

workaway in Hungary countryside
Countryside is different indeed

What did I do? 

Workaway in Hungary countryside wasn’t something that broke my bones. A day started with slight tasks. There was a big garden and there was also a lot of sunshine. To keep the plants alive the day started with a watering session. About half an hour I helped Ronald and Edina to water the plants. 

It’s an old property, so during the time, there have collected different stuff. I cleaned some shelters to make some room and found some things that they can use for recycling.

For the winter and for colder periods, they had collected woods to heat the oven. But these were still outside. So my mission was to put them under the roof. 

Of course, there were many smaller tasks as well. I helped them whenever they asked for. 

As mentioned there were little troublemakers as well (especially the youngest Tommy), so I happily spent time with them.

After work comes fun?

There weren’t exactly any specific working hours. I helped when there was a need, was it in the morning or in the evening (mostly still in the morning). When I wasn´t working, I interacted with the family at home and then they also showed me around. I saw places where they usually like to go, like national parks, Zalaszanto stupa, Sümeg Castle, Tatika Castle. Countryside surroundings were so beautiful with mountains and nature overall so I had lots of things to see. 

But you still work there without getting paid and only for bed and food?

That question was asked from that village party when I was on my way to the host family. (See the last article here). For them, it was a bit strange, because you always get paid, while you work. Workaway in Hungary is a great experience, so I don’t complain.

Tatika fortress
Tatika fortress

Why it is good to use WORKAWAY?

  1. You work about 5 hours-a-day and that’s not a lot, you still get bed and food. 
  2. This is meant mostly for travelers, who want to experience something from the local lifestyle. It’s not for a place to make a living, more for making memories.
  3. A big point is a workaway experience. As mentioned you see the local lifestyle, maybe learn a new skill and can practice the local language.
  4. Workaway is a big community and you have a big network through this. There are hosts in several places in different countries. Whenever you end up being in trouble or want to have another experience in a different country then it’s a good place to find it.

For me, the three biggest expenses are transport, accommodation, and food. During a Workaway in Hungary period my budget backpacking expenses were near zero. You can shrink your expenses and at the same time, you can truly enjoy a local lifestyle. What a great solo travel experience.

workaway in Hungary countryside
This family is special. Thank you for hosting me!

Was the WorkAway experience worth it?

In short: Of course! You are free to choose what you want to do, which farms you want to work and also your working time. I did it for a week and usually, it´s the shortest period. You can do it for weeks or even months. Depends on how you negotiate. When you are backpacking solo then you walk a lot (for me at least 20 km per day) and after a long period, you might feel every night that your legs are burning. Rest is good for physicality. Workaway in Hungary was a success.

I am truly grateful that Edina and Ronald accepted my request. They were super kind and fun people. Within a week I saw one really happy, loving, and caring family. They are super role models for every family. The best WorkAway host you can have! I had a wonderful time there and the week passed like the wind. Only good memories and hopefully we can meet in the future.

My Workaway in Hungary period was well spent! Now the travel mode is back ON and I am ready to explore Slovenia.

Stay tuned!

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Workaway in Hungary countryside

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