About Me

Hey there, I am Erki and from a small country in the northern east of Europe called Estonia. 

I lived a traditional life. I have a degree in civil engineering, had a safe office job, and attended school. Years went fast and at some point, I understood, that it’s not a way I want to continue. I needed a change…

A change where I feel more free, about what I want to be and become. Having more time to do the things I like, having an aim where I am heading, and being more flexible. It’s about having control over my time.

To start a new chapter I decided to leave my old life behind. I took my backpack and started my journey. I went solo and had an amazing trip. I started with a blog what you reading right now. Found that I love to write and photography. I gained more courage, grown as a person, got more independent, and also managed to handle stress. I have so many positive thoughts for the future and an idea of where I am heading.

Every bigger lifestyle change takes time to adapt. But luckily I know now where I am heading. I´m thankful for the choice that made this new and adventurous life come true. 

About GENEM Travels

It’s an adventurous travel blog concentrated on backpacking, destinations worldwide, and some overall travel tips. It’s all about making memories and to broaden an eye in different perspectives. Getting to know the local culture, people, and the way they live. 

In addition to information about travelling overall, I have the section Travel Stories. There is a free writing form where I will show you the backstage of my travelling. About my struggles, wins, and experiences I gain through my journey. 

With this blog, my aim is to inspire other people to chase their “dreams” or way of living and to encourage them to make that first step. Of course, I am putting a lot of effort in content to give my readers valuable information about my covered topics.

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